Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Response to Kelly & Andrea

Read my first post first . . .

I loved what both of you wrote!
First Andrea:
There is a lot of cheating and booze drinking that goes on in country music too. Stinks, doesn't it!? However, have you heard Josh Turner? Amazing! And his songs are always great, clean and wholesome (at least all of the ones I've heard!).

I loved what you said about appearance, too. I have not taught this principle to the chlidren very well. I honestly only do the girls' hair if we are going somewhere! I need to make it a daily habit in the morning so we're always ready for anything and so they learn to make themselves look good. Homeschooling does that to me! :-)

Loved what you said about classical music, too, and listening in the car. Often that is our travelling, road trip music (along with the Sound of Music sountrack!).

I loved your mealtime idea, I didn't even think of that! There is one lady in our ward who would actually serve courses to her children occasionally, so they could learn that refinement! And the table was always set neatly, especially on Sundays. I remember when we first moved here one elderly lady was telling us how the wind used to blow so hard, and there was so much dust that she would just have to serve the meals in pots so she could cover the food with a lid. J. said to me afterwards, "We always serve our meals in the pots!" I think this would minimize teaching manners in a more critical tone as well.

Since reading this talk I've been planning on playing classical or piano music just before J. gets home. When he gest home it's always so crazy because we're all hungry! We usually have the table set, things picked up and dinner ready, but I think a bit of that calming music might prepare us all for a more refined discussion at the table too (and we'll get in our classical music listening time!). :-)

I think there's a lot to be said about the computer as well, more so than the TV (for us anyway). It is amazing how much time one can spend on the computer. I'm good at monitoring my children on time, but J. and I could spend hours just "working" on the computer. Is the time I spend well-spent? Am I only doing the worthwhile things or just passing time? These are the questions we ask ourselves because time ZIPS by when online!

Speaking of which . . . J. is out of town thsi week and almost ALL of the books I had on hold came in at the library today . . . which means I've got a LOT of reading to do! I was hoping to watch Le Mis (Netflix instant play) but now I've got all these books. What do I have?

The Graveyard Book
Hunger Games
The Princess if the Midnight Ball
The House of Sixty Fathers
The Blue Sword
Angels and Demons
Hitler Youth

and some books about learning styles and whatnot. Plus, I'm currently reading "The Good Earth" (I suggest this as a book discussion book!), I'm gaining a great fascination with Chinese culture and literature!

You guys are great!!

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