Monday, June 1, 2009

Refined Heavenly Home

Fabulous!! Wonderful!! Awesome!!! Incredible!!!

I couldn't resist. I read the whole BYU speech that Julia posted the link to, and it made me laugh when he talked about refraining from using all those over-the-top adjectives. I can think of several members (especially missionaries) who seem to talk like that all the time.

So some of my thoughts on the article:

I definitely came away desiring to create a more cultured, refined home. I can think of things we are doing well, and areas in which we could improve. Without really realizing it, I have been feeling prompted to create more of this type of atmosphere in our home through our home-school. I've been wanting to incorporate more exposure to good music, fine art, and poetry into our home. I've also been weeding through our books and trying to remove those that we wouldn't consider "classics" for us. "Out of the best books" has been my focus there.

I grew up in a home wherein we had a refined eating atmosphere that I have not recreated to the same extent. My mom always had a properly set table with linen napkins and everything. I'm more of the throw a few dishes out and grab the cups on our way to the table sort of cook right now. I never remember to have the table set before the meal is ready. I'd like to improve in that area. I think it encourages polite manners and appropriate conversation.

I thought the phrase "Heaven blushes" was such an interesting way to get an idea across. I wouldn't want to be the cause of that blush.

What did you think about the wife beautifying herself before her husband comes home? Was that in the Ensign article too? I can imagine some women having issues with that.

I USED to try to have the house picked up before Josh walked in the door - mostly to make it look like I accomplished something that day. Around 4pm I would have the kids help with a general clean-up before we started cooking dinner. That way if he came home early or late, things were usually in a more organized state. I should be sure to keep doing that.

I've also been trying to look nice in general so that I don't feel frumpy - and so that Josh can see the best me, not only when company is coming but most days. It's hard work, especially in the new baby phase. And I have to give myself a little slack some days. (Speaking of new baby - she is 3 months old today!)

Like you, Andrea, we don't have TV in our home. There are still plenty of opportunities to exposure to popular culture through movies and internet. We still have to be choosy. There are certain shows that, no matter how popular they are with friends and family, I still choose not to spend my time on. Either I don't like the content, or I realize that I have limited time and for me that is not a good use of my time.
I also don't think my kids are missing out on anything by not getting regular doses of Sponge-Bob or Dora the Explorer. (Although, Josh seems to make sure they are all up to date with Star Wars, GI Joe, Spiderman, and other things that he loved as a kid...still loves).

Very timely article. As the world gets more slovenly it will take more effort to create a refined home, but obviously it's a necessary thing. We have to practice living a heavenly life on earth, in order to be prepared to live it in heaven.

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