Monday, June 29, 2009

Response to Ans

That was great! I wish you were one of our RS teachers! We have teachers who basically just read the lesson. grrr . . . This was very refreshing and loved reading it.

I have one question I thought we could discuss: How do you fully keep contention out of the home, making it more like the temple? That is really the one feeling I wish I could incorporate into the home, that lack of contention. Whenever I go to the temple I see those smiling elderly people all willing and able to help. There's a peace there I would love to replicate and it's mostly the sibling rivalry & whatnot that gives me the other not-so-temple-like feelings. :-) Discuss please.

I also gave a talk in church yesterday about agency, more specifically the principle to act and not be acted upon. I would like to add that here, but it's on our other computer, so I'll attach it later.

Don't you just love learning and studying deeper?!


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