Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Refined Home

I finally read the article too. Thanks, it was great!!! Several things popped into my head and I thought I'd comment really quick.

First of all, two random stories: I dated this guy Grant in college (okay, the only guy I dated besides my husband) and I liked him and had fun with him and his sisters, but I dumped him because he wasn't "refined" (at least not that I had noticed). Okay, that might sound really rude, but seriously, their house (him and a brother and two sisters bought a house together) was decorated with Kurt Cobain posters and all of them dressed skaterish for lack of a better description. Anyway, that was literally the main reason I stopped dating him, because I wanted my home more cultured than that.

Second random story, when Leo and I went on our first date, we went to a movie theater, then we came home and rented another movie and started to watch it. Leo picked it, and I don't remember if it was rated R or not, I don't think so, but it was really crude--oh it was, There's Something About Mary--I think anyway. I hate movies like that, but I was being rather "nice" about it because well, I liked Leo. Leo could tell I really didn't enjoy it though, and he kept apologizing to me and then HE finally turned it off. Then he called me the next day to apologize. Yeah, that's when I knew I REALLY, REALLY liked Leo.

One thing I LOVE about Leo, is that he'll go to almost any cultural event with me and enjoy as much or more than me. It's so nice to have a husband that appreciates music and dance. It's one of my favorite things about him. It makes me want to kiss him just thinking about it. Too bad he doesn't get home till tomorrow. Sigh.

The other thing I wanted to say was that I felt rather guilty reading about Andrea's Summer of Service, because what I had planned was my summer of soaking up Chicago. Rather selfish, but now I feel a little less guilty. Besides, when else will we have the chance to see so many world-class entertainment for practically free? I plan on taking my kids to a ballet, opera, some classical music concerts, Berstein concert, Moroccan, Colombian, Korean, Spanish, Celtic and other world music shows, a Chines play, Cirque Shanghai (that's Leo's and Isabel's birthday present--who needs more toys???!!!? Shh... nobody tell Leo) , and I might try to go with Leo to Fiddler on the Roof with Topol (the guy who plays the main character in the movie is reprising his role for the last time) but I don't know yet if we can afford the cheap seats. Hmmm.... Also, the Children's Immigration Museum and Mexican Art museum, and a couple other things like that. Anyway, you get the idea. It's going to be crazy busy, but I so want to expose my children to stuff like this while I can for the cost of $14 parking and gas. Maybe we'll burn out, well see.

Anyway, none of this was enlightening in any way whatsoever. Once I read over the article with Leo maybe I'll have something to add to the conversation rather than just talking about myself, which he said not to do in the article. Oops.

Oh, I do have one comment about art. I swore since I was about 12 yrs old that I would not have the typical Mormon home with what I considered lame decorations. I wanted "real" art. The I heard a talk in General Conference about decorating our homes with pictures of Christ, etc, and I repented. But I still plan someday when I have more wall space to put up REALLY GOOD paintings. Not saying Greg Olsen isn't a really good painter, but I think just like our libraries have literary classics besides church books, I want my home to art works of substance other than the lastest trend decor from Deseret Book. Okay, that sounds really snootty, lo siento. I really better quit writing now before I stick my foot in my mouth farther. Chao.


Kelly said...

When I was at the school checking out classrooms for my soon-to-be 4th grade daughter, 2 of the teachers I liked partially because they had posters of great art on their wall - Van Gogh and Monet and others. I liked that. I think it will be wonderful for you and your family to take advantage of the cultural opportunities in Chicago. Got to do it while you have the chance!

Andrea said...

Kammers--heck with service summer, me and the kids are heading to Chicaaago. We're going to a Highland Pipes concert tomorrow night but it's at the libary. I don't think it will be quite the same caliber as what you'll get in Chicaaago.