Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reading and Books

First of all THANK YOU for all of your comments on reading!! John really does love to read. He loves series, though, and so when he finishes a series it's hard to find another gripping series for him. I'm trying to do the whole author thing . . . "If you like this author, read all of those books" and then find authors who write the same way. So, yes, you are right, I am raising readers who love to listen to books on CD as well as hear me read aloud books they don't quite want to try on their own yet. So, it's all good! Plus, I think that is one bad thing I get from TJED is that I have too high of standards for their choices of books, so when I see them reading "kid books" I cringe inside, and that's when I think I'm not doing it right. So, as you all said: Reading is Reading!!

Also, this is a devotial site KELLY sent to me years ago. We really enjoyed it for awhile and thought the others of you might enjoy it as well . . .

Lastly, this discussion string has led me to ponder on core values and it hit me that the core values we should be having in our families are in the Proclamation on the Family, "Successful families are founded upon principles such as faith, prayer, repentance, love, respect, work, wholesome recreational activities . . . " So, I've decided those are going to be the core values I want my family to aspire to. Just thought I'd share that little epiphany I had. :-)


I do have the Dividing Lines book. It's a bit outdated. And it cost me $3 through interloan library (grrr...) but that's okay. Now I'm more motivated to read it, because I paid for it! :-)

I didn't read Bronze Bow, I've read it a couple of times already. I liked it. :-) That's all I have to say about that.

Also, I'm reading Edith Wharton's Glimpses of the Moon. So far it's just okay for me. It's written a little too much like Fitzgerald and so that's a deterrant to me because I really don't like his books. However, I'm not giving up on it and will let you know how I feel at the end. :-)

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