Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More to Say!

I've always got more to say! Agh!

Andrea, along with Kelly, I know you're not a true TJEDer - - and in reality I wasn't full blown until a few months ago. But I see you as a natural TJED Educator because of your upbringing and philosphies already instilled. Have you read the other TJED book about the Phases? It hast like 36 ingredients, musts for true TJED families. Anyway, I thought that was a lot better than the Home Companion, you may want to check it out. Tons of great ideas. I can say we've struggled somewhat with making the older children feel it's a priviledge to be older. We're tweeking it and trying to figure out the best way to do it naturally rather than making a big production out of it. Our kids are all so close in age, they kind of all just mesh together (which is a bonus for the younger kids, but the older kids don't seem to notice much). I do sense recently, John's desire to be more independent and not so tied to the family. Kelly - - what do your kids "earn" after graduating from the Adult Classes?

One thought on the Gospel Study Time, too. I usually wake up before the kids to make sure I've showered and am well into my own study time so when they wake up in the morning they see me doing that. I don't do it just for show, mind you, but when my kids see me doing it it's much easier to encourage them to join me. Plus, for me I just know I study the scriptures so much better in the morning than at night, so if I want to do serious studying, it's then or never. Therefore, sometimes my study time might be ending just when they are waking up, so some kids end up getting maybe 5 minutes in, while some could watch a whole 1hour movie before I'm done. So, take that into consideration if you do start to do this. I no longer expect them all to wake up and start studying for just as long as Mommy does. It's their own time, and if they sleep in longer and miss out on that individual study, so be it. At least they are getting the devotional in the morning. :-)
(sorry, that was more just a realistic expectations blurb there - - and reminder for myself when my kids don't just jump right out of bed and start pondering the scriptures in depth!!!)

Thank you, Kelly for your thoughts on reading. I, too was a Sweet Valley & Babysitters reader, and I've always loved reading. My older sister has always hated reading. She used to love reading self-help and parenting books, and she LOVED the Twilight series, but other than that, she just doesn't like it and doesn't do it. So, yes, I know there are readers and non-readers out there. MY PROBLEM is that I'm wanting to create readers and not just letting it happen on it's own, naturally. Also, it's a comparing thing when I hear other families whose kids read all day long I tend to wonder what I'm doing wrong. :-)

I've got to stop writing. I've loved these discussions!!!


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