Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Bronze Bow

While I have to admit that I would much rather respond to your post about TJED revisited, I figured I should take a few brief moments and give my thoughts on "The Bronze Bow". I finished this about two weeks ago but just haven't had time to sit and write much. I keep waiting for that time to appear, but oddly enough it hasn't!

First, I did really like this book. I love Young Adult books because they explore interesting ideas that are common themes in everyone's lives. No matter our upbringing, I think we all experience some similar feelings and thought processes as part of growing up. Andrea touched on most of these - including ones I hadn't quite thought of yet. :-)

One thing that I liked about the book was that Christ was more of a periphery figure - that the book was more about the journey of the characters than about their interactions with the Savior. It shows how He can have an effect on people just by being who He is.

I will admit that I spent a majority of the book waiting for Daniel to figure out what a jerk Rosh was. It was a predictable necessity to the story and I wanted it to happen so I could stop waiting. :-) I loved the character of Samson and I wished I could have learned more about him and find out how much he understood about what was going on. He was a great example of the effects of loyalty and love.


I just read a book called "Infidel" by Ayann Hirsi Ali. Anyone read it? It is her own memoir about growing up Muslim in Africa (with a brief stint in Saudi Arabia) and finally seeking asylum in Holland. Fascinating. She is only 8 years older than I am, but what a different life.

And since my baby is just now waking up I'm going to stop here. I want to think about the homeschooling thing and maybe get back to that later today.

Whoever chose this book - thanks! I enjoyed it.

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