Monday, January 5, 2009

What I've been Reading

Here's my latest update:

I'm currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
So far so good! It's taken me 300 pages to finally have that "can't put this book down" feeling, but I think it is very clevery and a great book.

I just finished reading, "This year I will . . . " by M.J. Ryan. Basically a great book on setting goals and how to actually follow through and accomplish them. The main thing it inspired me was to recognize the small steps taken toward your goal rather than trying to finish it in a day and thus not finishing it at all! Great book!

And, I have a book I've started and plan to read ASAP - - it's called "Get Everyone in Your Boat Rowing in the Same Direction: 5 Leadership Principles to Follwo so Others will Follow You" by Bob Boylan. It's mainly for corporate managers and such, but I figure, HEY Mom's run their own mini coroporations, so I'm assuming it will be helpful. :-) hee-hee

Last but not least, I just read "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" (can't remember author). Have any of you read this?? I would LOVE to add this to our book chat someday. It's a very intriguing book. Definitely worth reading, but better if you have someone to discuss it with!

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas! Post about your New Year's Goals . . . I'd love to hear what you're all working on. LOL JULIA

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