Thursday, January 22, 2009


The movie of that book is awesome/amazing/sad. I've been meaning to read the book for awhile.

For Kami, who asked me for a run-down of the best Shinn books:

YA category:
1) Summers at Castle Auburn--I think I have a soft spot for it since it is the one I read first.
2) The Shape-Changer's Wife--fabulous, very weird and darkish.

The rest of the YA stuff was good, but I don't think you (Kami) would think they were worth your time. They are pretty young. Ana might enjoy The Dream-Makers Magic.

1) Mystic and Rider--this is the first Twelfth House book and it works very well as a stand-alone, and I LOVED it. I just gave my copy to Megan to read.

2)Fortune and Fate--the Twelfth House series has four books. This is a book chronologically after those four books, but placed in the same world. I think you'd enjoy it more if you'd read the others because it references other characters and what they are up to, but it also would work beautifully as a stand-alone and I LOVED it.

3) Reader and Raelynx: it is the fourth in the Twelfth House quartet. Fantastic. Actually, while I enjoyed the second and third, you could easily just read the first and fourth, which are the best ones, because you can easily figure out what happened in the other two.

So far, those are my favorite. I haven't read them all. I'm planning on reading them all. I'll keep you posted.

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