Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh my

So just to be clear here, I'm about to do a whole bunch of judging.  WHAT IN THE WORLD????  Seriously I am never reading anything online ever again.  I hadn't read CJane in forever because I was getting too bugged, but then I was bored one night and glanced through her old posts and read the one where she claimed to have great feelings of truth and spirit that our Heavenly Mother is actually the Holy Ghost.  Hold the presses!  Revelation from on high.  Oops, sorry.  Revelation from a blogger.

As you all know about me, I'm a letter of the law kind of gal.  I think that the spirit of the law of modesty is that we don't draw attention to ourselves in inappropriate ways.  The reality is that how women dress affect men (think porn industry) so the spirit of the law in this case can only go so far before hitting the brick wall of natural man.  Trying to argue that wearing whatever we want is fine as long as we "feel modest" is ridiculous in this day and age.

I don't think that children can be immodest.  I do think that training children in the way they should go from birth is the correct choice.  There, I said it.  How judgmental of me.

As for CJane--I wish she could explain to me, with all her further light and knowledge, how our Heavenly Mother can have a resurrected physical body AND be a personage of Spirit at the same time because, sadly, I just don't have the spiritual wisdom to understand.

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