Thursday, May 2, 2013

An interesting read--want your take on it

I just read a really interesting article: "Ruby Slippers on Her Feet: Reflections on the Ordain Women Website" by V. H. Cassler.

I've gone to the Ordain Women website and was favorably impressed with the tone of the website (there is no bashing of church leaders, for example).  If you haven't heard of it, you will.  It is a website agitating for the priesthood for women.  They use this quote under the FAQ section:

In questioning Church policies, aren’t you questioning God?

No. In fact, the challenge to advocate for women’s ordination was articulated by former Church President Gordon B. Hinckley in a 1997 interview with reporter David Ransom. When Ransom asked if the policy on denying priesthood to women could be changed, much like it had for black men, President Hinckley responded, “Yes. But there’s no agitation for that.”
Ordain Women joins a new generation of faithful Mormon women who are rising up and responding to this challenge.

This quote always gives me pause.  What does it mean???  I've long believed, due to the temple, that women will have the priesthood in the hereafter and that the more stringent male/female roles outlined in the Proclamation will not really exist there.  Especially as I believe quite firmly that there will be no church in the hereafter, and only family units.  Since we are perfect equals in a marriage here and in the hereafter and creation can only take place in the Celestial Kingdom, it seems clear that those roles are more interchangeable.  

But I am still on the fence about ordination in this life.  Not that I wouldn't follow the prophet on this issue either way since there is no scriptural basis for preventing women having the priesthood, but I wish I knew for sure how I felt about it.  I really like that my husband gives my children blessings--it connects him to our children in a powerful way.  I certainly don't want the priesthood here in this life, and I don't feel that I have been in any way subordinated within the church as it currently operates.  

But then there is the quote by President Hinckley and the temple ordinances.  

So . . . enough about me.  Read this article  I think she sums up a lot of how I feel--that I don't need to hold the priesthood to claim my power as a daughter of God and especially as a daughter of our Heavenly Mother.

Then read this:  I'm downloading the article and am pretty sure that my mother's day talk in Sacrament meeting will be all about our Heavenly Mother.  

See--I'm not really for the priesthood for women--mostly because I don't want it, but I am for some of the changes being made like Mission Leadership Councils and articles in the Ensign specifically written to dispel old cultural myths ( about women's subordination to men because of the priesthood and more information about our Heavenly Mother (I want to know everything possible about Her!).  Does that make me a radical that those things make me happy??

I'm off to bed.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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