Monday, June 25, 2012


Read Wings of Heroes for the second time.  I'd forgotten that I'd read it already, until I got a chapter into it, and then I decided to keep going.

Granted, this book is not as hilarious as some of Peck's other books.  However, one thing that I was enjoying about it was the nostalgic look at the 40s during WWII.  I was particularly moved by the Dad and his conversation with the neighbor who lost a son in WWI.  As Kami said, the repercussions of war echo throughout generations.

Another favorite theme was the idea of people looking out for each other and their families.  Small examples such as blackout watch armband that gets made for Scooter (who they know will undoubtedly be tagging along) and the neighbors bringing over a dessert made with all their sugar ration when Bill comes home on leave reminded me that those sorts of thoughtful gestures are what make family out of a community - and it's such a beautiful, desireable thing!  I think that quality is growing more absent in our lives.

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