Tuesday, June 26, 2012

book talk

thanks for weighing in.  Josh and I actually discussed this on our long drive and decided at this point it was more about making sure our kids had the tools to make good reading decisions.  We thought it would be particularly beneficial to tell them about the books we choose NOT to read and WHY NOT.  I've had several of those opportunities lately.
We also talked about the difference between (to use DeMille's terms) whole, bent, and broken.  I realized that what was bothering me about a specific book that I was thinking of was not what actually happened in the book, but the fact that it was subtly portrayed as perfectly acceptable.

And for the record - I did not let Hannah read Ender's Game!  Josh did and I found out after the fact.  I wouldn't have let her read it that young.    ;-)

We all have different limits when it comes to books and movies.  I just struggle, sometimes, and wondered if anyone has rules of thumb that they use.  Now that Hannah is 14, I'm thinking most anything is not really off limits - she just has to use her own judgment.

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