Monday, June 28, 2010


Have any of you read "The Maze Runner" (Dashner)? I finished it last week. I thought it was pretty good. Similar to "The Hunger Games" if you've read that, but I think I like "The Hunger Games" better. However, there is a sequel to Maze Runner and if it's better that the sequel to Hunger Games (which I thought was pretty much just a repeat, albeit an intense one, of the first book), then that would be good. The Maze Runner sequel is coming out in October.

I've also been reading "Beekeeping for Dummies". My daughter has done two years of Beekeeping through 4H and both she and my husband want to keep bees. I thought I'd better figure out what they're so excited about. :-) It laid to rest some of my initial concerns. Bees are quite interesting. I'm sure you could do a whole Gospel study on the nature of bees and the symbolism involved in all that.

I checked out "Hungry Planet" from the library. Great pictures. Interesting information.

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Kami said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to keep bees--for as long as I could remember.That's awesome that you're doing it!!!