Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am only on federalist paper number 4. However, I am determined to finish it. The reason it is taking me so long is that I am reading it concurrent with The Making of America, The Real George Washington, and Free Culture. I am also taking a 6 week course on the Constitution. So, they all have to do with freedom, the founding of America and the Constitution and I am loving it! By the way, George Washington was AMAZING! And this is a very well written biography.

By the way, have any of you been on PAPERBACKSWAP.COM? I love this website. Basically you swap books through the mail. The first time you sign up you post ten books you are willing to give away and you get two free book credits. So, all books are the price of shipping--around 3.00. Even if it is a book that is $30 on Amazon. YEah!

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