Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cubs and Activity Days

Ha. Thanks, ladies. I hope I didn't misrepresent the book---maybe someone else will read it and love it. Who knows!

Andrea, I have to agree that Cubs should only meet every other week, like the activity day girls. But not for fairness, as such: just because I'm in favor of anything that decreases the amount of Cub Scouts. Ha ha! And I have to laugh at your description of pack meeting as something that's patently unfair to the girls. It just shows how differently people can experience things, I guess. I hate pack meeting! We miss it pretty much every month, and when we do go, far from ooh-ing and ah-ing, there's a smattering of half-hearted applause from  the people who are listening, while most of the kids run around in the back of the gym and the Cubs squirm around and poke each other. No one listens and no one cares. The girls are well out of it, in my opinion! :) I was always so glad I didn't have to go to the scout meetings and courts of honors, etc., when I was a YW. Sometimes I would have to go with my brothers and I was always SO BORED! It didn't feel like a celebration of achievement, it felt like one more boring duty that the boys had to worry about.

I wonder if someday I will be one of those people with a testimony of the Scout program? I do like the chance it gives the boys to camp and do other stuff _I_ don't want to do with them, I guess. But I'd rather it were less pervasive and more like Young Women's. Anyway . . . a subject for another day! :)

It's all too much for me too, honestly. I'm so glad I'm not in church leadership at the moment!

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Andrea said...

Marilyn, I would wholeheartedly support LESS scouts rather than MORE activity days. I just think there should be something more equal in terms of recognition.