Friday, October 18, 2013

my input on the final birth control subject

I practically never look at this blog these days.. I didn't know I was missing so much!!

It's funny how we all seem to be going through the same process (end of family thoughts).  At least, Andrea, Kelly and I are.  :-)

YES this has been heard before.  I've been preached the no birth control and no permanent control all my life.  So, it's no wonder I went into a serious depression after getting an IUD years ago (thinking I'd committed a dire sin).  After #6 we were back to condoms.  But, like Andrea, that will NOT work for the long run.

I really, really, really believe in and want to follow the open womb/closed womb principle.  It's my husband that doesn't have faith in that one.  But I do.  I can't not after having the experiences I've had with when, how and why my babies come (or don't come) into our lives.  I have a couple of friends who seriously live with this principle and it works for them.  They're still watchful and careful of their cycles, but it's not like NFP.    Anyway, that would be so ideal for me.  :-)

However, I had a very pleasant experience with the IUD (after my initial shock and sinner response) and so am leaning toward that route when our family is all here.  However, I still do have the "what am I doing to my body?" questions and this decision will be a matter of long prayers!

On the permanent side of things:  even this can go in so many directions.  What one couple deems as a medical issue may be nothing to another couple.  I have a friend who got a hysterectomy after her third baby and swears by them!  There were some medical issues for her...but one of those that others could judge as not necessarily life threatening or anything.

So... all matters between husband and wife, and individually, this subject must be taken up with the Lord.  I think we take in too much of what others say.  It's great to learn from all of the statements, "study it out in your mind and your heart," right?  But once you receive personal confirmation (after seeking and praying) it really doesn't matter what the stake president says, what the handbook says, or what your friends on a blog say!  :-)  That's why I like Andrea's approach in sharing how she came to a decision on the matter.  It was her answer, maybe helpful to others reading, and yet it wasn't "this is how it has to be for everyone" answer.  You know what I mean?

Anyway, such a timely topic for all of us.

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