Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey guys.  Off topic...
What kind of big family vehicles are you guys driving?  I know what Ju drives.  Nice and roomy.   I know what I want but can't afford (Nissan NV).   And I need something cheaper.

We have this terrible sales tax in CA that will cost us thousands of dollars in taxes and registration if we get a different car, so that is a huge disincentive.  Right now we have an 8 passenger Sienna, which we love, but it is squishy with seven (two in boosters)  and I'm worried about future road trips.

So I was just wondering what other options might be out there.

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Andrea said...

Kelly, I'm a huge fan of big vans since I grew up driving to Canada in one all the time. We drive a Ford Econoline. I don't have any great thoughts on the matter--my family have a bunch of van drivers--and everyone seems to like theirs okay.