Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ARound the WOrld

It's so funny to me how I can give a book five stars and then have someone give it a one.  How is that possible?!  Kami - sorry you were disappointed. I love this book!  Maybe I just was in a quirky mood when I read it, but I just found this book delightful and funny and worth reading. 

I did not read it recently for this discussion so I don't have concrete points to share (sorry, I decided last minute to be in charge of a girls book group this year and so have been reading ferociously for that trying to decide what books to read). 

I do remember, however, thinking about the time element of the book.  There was a theme on time running throughout the whole book that I found interesting and thought with a book group we could delve into the creation of clocks and how that has affected the way we live today  (something I'm studying in other areas as well right now, actually).  And really, I just thought it was so funny. 

Have you read any of Jules Verne's other books?  Are they dry to you as well?  Just curious.


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