Wednesday, January 11, 2012

books to read

Increase in Learning by Elder Bednar - I have this one sitting by my bed ready to read (Christmas present).  I think it's more of a slow study though, not really a read quick and discuss type book.  ??  I'm excited to get into it though.
Raising up a family to the Lord. - - One of my most favorite parenting books!  A MUST read.  I don't think I'll read it again right now, but I will join in the discussion.  Powerful principles in that book!

Soft-Spoken Parenting - this one might be interesting...always needed.  :-)
I, for one, would also love to re-read Notwithstanding my Weakness by Elder Maxwell (I know, I've been pushing this one for awhile, but it really is GREAT and I need to re-learn some things). 
Also interested in reading and discussing The Divine Center by Steven R. Covey
And, the greatest book I just read was Do Hard Things by ? & Alex Harris  (Two 19-yr old homeschooled Christian twins).  I'm actually having my 12 yr. old read it right now.  It's great.
Just my two cents.

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