Monday, September 13, 2010


I read Silas Marner this weekend. I'd previously read Middlemarch. Most of it, anyway. I was finding it a little boring. I also tried the BBC DVD of Middlemarch and it just wasn't high enough on my priority list to devote the time needed to finishing it. I think it's a nice story - but it wasn't gripping or funny and sadly, I'm all about gripping or funny these days. (As in, I read Mockingjay while I was on vacation because it was more exciting to me than seeing relatives that I love and rarely see. Sad).

But back to Silas. I liked it. I don't think George Eliot is going to be one of my favorite authors. Good books. Good morals. Not so fascinating as I would like them.

I read a book called "Emily's Ghost" a few weeks ago that is a novel about Emily Bronte. The author took what little is known of the poor girl and spun a fascinating story out of it. Among other things, it gave Jane Eyre (I know, that's Charlotte's book) and Wuthering Heights some perspective that makes them more interesting to me. There was plenty in the book that was made up, but it was an interesting read.

I'm planning on skipping Defoe for now. I have other books stacked by my table that all came in at once. I'm looking forward to the Economics book. Let me know when you start it!

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