Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Anyone Reading?

Hi Friends!
I have read some of Robinson Crusoe and love it.  Is anyone else planning on reading it?  Actually, I love our whole list and really want to keep going with it, so tell me you're going to join me sometime.  :-) 

However, I too am very easily distracted. Because I own the Crusoe book and keep putting other books on hold at the library (which have deadlines) . . . it's hard to stay focussed.  Right now I am reading The Dark Star of Itza by Alida Malkus.  It's practically impossible to find, but it's on the Newberry Award/honor list and so I just had to read it.  :-)  It's about a Mayan princess.  I've only read the 1st chapter so I can't say much about it yet.  :-)

Another MUST read is Leondard Sax's other book, "Boys Adrift."  AMAZING!!  It just reiterates a bunch of what was in his Gender book but more boy specified.  Anyone with a son must read this book (in my opinion).  I've got the girls one on hold. 

Okay, just wanted to say hello to all you strangers  (except Kami who keeps posting about her own fascinating reads, thanks!!). 

Happy Reading I guess.


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