Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading List

List looks great!

I LOVE Elizabeth Gaskill.
Anxious to read House of Sixty Fathers
Just finished Dr. Laura's book . . . pretty good, not my favorite of hers, but we'll have lots to say I'm sure. :-)

I have to tell you our library doesn't have the Churchill book. And if they don't order it for me, I'm not going to pay $3.00 for interloan library (I don't even buy books to keep at that price most of the time). So, I'm really sorry if I don't read it. I want to . . . I just might have to buy it for keeps if I'm going to pay anything at all. :-) I paid $3.00 for the Dividing Lines book and never even touched it. SO . . .

Also, right now I'm currently reading The Hero and the Crown for the first time and loving it! :-)

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Andrea said...

Of course you're loving Hero and the Crown!!!!