Thursday, September 4, 2008

Response to Kami--without having read the book

Kami, sounds interesting. Thanks for recapping so I don't have to read it. I thought the quote about her deep feelings for Poland (although mixed and confusing) were genius. That is why I stood to take the stupid "loyalty" oath to become a citizen with so much anger and resentment. It had NOTHING to do with the States--I love America, I study America, I teach my children to love America--but there are ties that bind you to your original country no matter how dismal your life was there or how short your time there and for Americans in their grand arrogance to ignore that and pretend that it will go away with an oath, are not realists.

I liked your sentiments about identity--I find it hard to believe in "identity crises." What does that even mean??? You figure out who you are from your family/religion/politics/what you read--and those go with you.

I think a lot of the hippie movement was "let-down" from the past. Their parents, WWII veterans, all--even the women--did incredible/amazing things, and then the Cold War that always seemed about to blaze into something never did. So they grew up in luxury and fear, and when they hit college age they decided the fear was ludicrous and since they had nothing "great" to do--they covered their desire for greatness under excuses for poor behavior. I exclude some Civil Rights activists from that general analysis.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

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