Saturday, January 5, 2013

Burning Question

I guess what I really wanted to discuss the most is WHY these types of things aren't talked about more often.  Why do we have mother's day talks about "my mom was a great mom because she made cookies" instead of teaching the doctrine of womanhood and motherhood?  Why, when people ask (as they so often do) what sets our church apart from other Christian sects do we not answer: because of our understanding of Eve's choice in the garden at least as often as we say the priesthood or a latter-day prophet?

I wish I had understood all of this sooner.  I think when we talk about motherhood we treat it like a friendly head-pat.  No scriptural references, no quotes from the prophets like the one where Elder Holland refers to childbirth as an ordinance and a sacrament, nothing that makes motherhood/womanhood seem as vitally important as the priesthood.

I'm not blaming my teachers or leaders.  Maybe I think it is more important to teach this stuff than it really is.  I was talking to my family (beating head against wall) about the wear pants on Sunday thing and I made the mistake of saying that maybe if the doctrine of womanhood/motherhood was taught more often and taught more thoroughly women wouldn't feel the need to have a pants movement, and men would make fewer stupid remarks and misunderstand the patriarchal order less often.  My point was that teaching the doctrine changes behavior faster than talking about behavior.  My point was also that these women have experienced things in their life to make them feel like the members of the church believe women are lesser.  Their experiences are valid and important, whether or not I agree with wearing pants to Sacrament meeting.

My comment was not kindly received.  The general opinion was that those women are loonies, they should leave the church if they don't like it, and everyone understands that women are important--talking about it more won't change anything.

Am I wrong in thinking that we should preach the doctrine of Eve more often?  Shouldn't our YW know how Eve is perceived in other sects and how she is perceived in our doctrine?  Shouldn't our girls know that Satan is trying to convince women everywhere that motherhood is unimportant compared to careers and finding yourself and fulfilling yourself and whatever else you can think of that will keep you from becoming mothers?  Shouldn't we tell them WHY Satan is doing that and explain that motherhood, wifehood, nurturing, is critical and the most important thing we can be doing?

Shouldn't we be teaching that the Lord's paradigm (family is central and all-important) is different from the world's paradigm (self is all important)?  Shouldn't we?

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