Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reply to Kelly

I really liked both those posts. I couldn't help but compare the modesty post to Misfit's modesty post and I think I finally get why several of you can't stand Misfit. Both posts were blunt about the importance of modesty, but this lady's blog focused on the doctrine and the heart which made Misfit just seem like a really nit-picky, judgmental person. I had several people read the Misfit article on modesty and they all got hung up on the "no darts" in your shirt and that was it--all other messages failed to transmit. There is a lesson in there for me as a teacher.

Miriam watched the link to the church website for the youth--the video on deep beauty -- and she really picked up on the "queen" idea. I need to internalize that message. It is so hard to not get hung up on the world's view of beauty. I also have committed to not talking about looks/weight/etc. around my children. My mom never talked about that stuff and I never thought about it, and I think that is really healthy. I think me and my sisters chat about it when we get together because we are all reproducing and that wreaks havoc on your weight/self-image, but I've noticed some of my nieces listening a few times and I think we are sending the wrong messages to the young ladies in our family.

I agree with you, Kelly, that we have to step it up in the teaching spiritual things to our children department. What have you done that has been successful? So far I feel like I've done a few (very few) good things. Baptism Prep with Miriam was awesome. She learned how to find scriptures, she memorized most of the Articles of Faith, we talked about faith and repentance, and I was able to bear testimony to her almost every day. I'm excited to start Baptism Prep with Cowen on March 1 (can't believe he's turning 7!!).

This year for devotional (when I manage to have morning devotional with the kids), I've read a few Friend articles but then I also read a story from Inspiring Experiences that Build Faith by President Monson. He wrote about different experiences he has had that taught him something. Each one is about a page. My kids are really getting to know their prophet and they are remembering these stories. So I feel good about that.

I plan on someday doing a Priesthood Prep, but that is intimidating because I don't really know what a boy should study the year prior to getting the priesthood and I don't know that much about it myself. I have a few years to figure this out. I'm also planning on doing a special YW prep with my daughters when they are 11. I figured we'd talk about all the YW values, spend one month on each, and discuss the importance of each. But, I haven't decided for sure. Instead, I might do 1/2 year YW prep and Priesthood Prep and the other 1/2 year as temple prep, since I plan on taking my kids to the temple once a week once they turn 12.

Okay--that is it for me. Anyone else with any thoughts?? I read in the Ensign that the strongest correlation between a behavior and going on a mission was personal scripture study. If you can get your kids to study the scriptures then they are significantly more likely to go on a mission and get married in the temple. What are the best ways to encourage that? Other good ideas?

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