Monday, February 28, 2011

One of my favorite topics....


I haven't read that book - I don't think - but I have read something similar...  Oh yes, a book about a Dad opening a National Bank of Dad.  I can't remember what the title was.  We started that and it was so awesome to see.  I also really loved having Josh in charge of it.  Nerd that he is, he has a wonderful spreadsheet set up to track everyone's accounts.

But, I don't think you talked enough about the working part, Andrea!  I have read the TJED Home Companion and have used a lot of Diann Jepson's ideas.  I still go back to the tickets every now and then.  I rotate between three different systems to accomplish work.  Tickets, going room by room as a group, and just plain assigning jobs that need to be done to specific children.  I let them choose between tickets and family work on most days.  They choose base on how they feel about working together at the moment. ;-)   Adult Skills classes have been a big hit.  My oldest - who is what would be considered practice scholar - is still working on getting everything passed of - but a lot of it she can do we just haven't made it "official".  I love having a list of basic skills to work on - and love that someone else put thought into putting it together!  As they've learned to cook, I've been printing up their mastered recipes and putting them in their adult skills binder so that they are also developing their own personal cookbook as they learn.

I'm curious what Boyack does differently regarding work!

I read an idea about having kids earn privileges.  So if they ask to be able to do 'A', you say sure - do 'B' and then you can do 'A'.  Everybody wins.  ;-)

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