Monday, November 8, 2010

Anna Karenina

Anyone read Anna Karenina? 
I'm reading it now.
Not so sure about it.
I love his writing . . . but the theme is a bit . . . questionable.
I'll probably finish it. 
The end.


Kami said...

I have--I think it was a bit over my head when I read it though (7th grade). I didn't get much. But the next year when I read War and Peace, I loved that book. Also, in college I read pieces of Anna Karenina again, and decided I definitely need to reread it someday. I love Tolstoy.

Kelly said...

I read it. War and Peace was better for me. I mostly read it in order to be able to say that I had. And you've provided me that opportunity, for which I thank you!