Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guns, Germs and Steel . . . I read it!

Okay - I only read half, BUT that was much more than I thought I was going to read and I mostly only stopped because it was due at the library today.  :-) 

I kind of have the opposite view of Kami, in that the first 100 pages were quite fascinating to me.  Then I just got tired of him dragging on and on and on . . . my reading slowed down.  I really wanted to get to the last few chapters, they looked interesting to me (I can't remember what they were about though, because the book is now at the library). 

Two thoughts only:  1) The whole birthing babies and baby-spacing history was rather interesting to me.  The part where it was about hunter-gatherers not being able to have babies too close together while farmers could then have them closer.  2)  I also never realized there was such a rift between the two groups.  Makes sense, I guess.  Random question:  Would Adam and Eve be considered hunter-gatherers or farmers?  :-) 

One last thought:  It makes sense he would mention New Guinea much more than other countries because that is where he lived or studied or something.  He mentioned that that particular nation fascinated him . . . and we usually tend to write about our passions.

Right now my passion is sleep!  As you can already tell by my very unintelligable (sp?) writing, it's past my bedtime.  Overall, I am glad that I read what I read of the book and am very ready to move on to something better!



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