Tuesday, February 16, 2010

About the ignorant comment on fencing and red hair... Stupid! I personally think fencing is better because you receive one on one mentoring and it is a useful skill as was already stated--self-defence is an awesome skill to have! Also, I always liked red-haired guys. I'm not allowed to say that I do now only because I didn't marry a red head--LOL. But I used to! Also, I remember in the ensign a few years ago the church was trying to bring back the road shows--theater and dance and music are wonderful things. They are just like any other good thing--Satan can twist it and make it bad. Oooh--look up Michael Ballam's talk about music and the power it has to convey either the love of God or the hate of Satan. Anyway, I know people who have been in the theater crowd who have really struggled with same-sex attraction because that is a big part of the theater culture right now--however, no matter WHAT you are interested in you have to be careful of something. And I think that the song and dance stuff are amazing talents that help your child develop discipline and patience and all those other great things. I am taking violin and piano right now and my husband though he is busy with work and school, on his time off he practices the same instruments. Thomas Jefferson used to practice his violin for 3 hours a day!

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