Monday, November 24, 2008

Custom of the Country

Loved it. I can't rave about Edith Wharton enough. After reading such terrible writing as Stephenie Myer and some other YA fiction that I've picked up lately (The Magician's and Mrs. Quent, and Wings: A Fairy Tale AVOID AT ALL COSTS), it was refreshing to drench myself in incredibly beautiful writing. She is just plain gifted.

I hated Undine--the main character. I strongly, strongly disliked Ralph--Undine's second husband. I can't BELIEVE HOW IT ENDED. But, of course, it was the perfect ending because it was true to the time and the characters.

Can't say enough good things about this one. If you haven't read a Wharton--please, please, please pick one up. I also loved The Age of Innocence and as Wharton is Kami's favorite author she's read them all. She'd probably know which other Wharton's to recommend.


Juwmama said...

I remember Ethan Frome in high shcool and didn't like it at all. Am I missing something I shouldn't be? Maybe I'll think differently reading it through adult eyes??

Andrea said...

I don't know--I'll ask Kami. Ethan Frome is the famous one that they make people read--so most likely it is the worst one. That's my educated guess as a previous English teacher.

Kami told me that Edith Wharton thought her best book was Custom of the Country.

Kami said...

Okay, I loved Ethan Frome. It's pretty typical Edith Wharton actually. Deary, depressing, unhappy ending. I LOVE IT ALL. If you want to read an Edith Wharton that is somewhat happy but still has her beautiful writing style read Glimpses of the Moon.