Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fermat's On Hold

Congratulations Kami! Very, very fun!

I'm halfway through Fermat's Enigma (loving it by the way!!). Kelly is still out of town (won't be back until Sat.). I'm kind of thinking that FE is a book that may take awhile to read. So, we could just "take a break" for a minute, not read anything, damper along in FE if we want to until Kami is back in action. Due to being in the RS book group and this, I'm kind of getting book grouped out for a minute so I would like to just read for my pleasure! PLUS we will be on vacation most of August and this month is crazy. LONG story short - - why don't we still plan on FE but take our time and not feel rushed to read it and maybe discuss it when Kami is ready. Just my opinion (which I'm always willing to share).

P.S. I would like to hear some more comments on The Little Prince (if Kelly and Kami still want to read it?).


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